Saturday, October 15, 2016

Mama Bear and Cub Fishing

It’s mid October and the salmon are coming home to spawn, along with the rain and the storms. Grey skies and hypnotic mists are rolling in; you can feel the chill of the cold winter air in your bones. It ‘s a good change and feeling.

Art is a hobby and a passion; the images appear in my minds eye after synthesizing images and sounds from forest walks.  It is a meditative journey to explore and discover the wonder of nature.

The photos are of a black bear in my backyard and spawning salmon at one of the local rivers. Along with my many encounters with bears and salmon, these pictures served as an inspiration of the above ink brush and watercolour of mama bear and cub fishing painting.  Emily Carr inspired the trees styles.

June 3, 2017 - Added Note
The black berries are out. I almost walked into a bear yesterday afternoon about 10 meters away, me and a friend walked in the opposite direction and it followed casually as if in conversation, no people around, no way to exit the trail for a while. Little spooky as I was not interested in his conversation (or maybe her I didn't check), this big guy was unfazed and walking behind us. Had no bear spray (my placebo) on this otherwise busy pacific shoreline trail. The bear went into the berry bushes, not a good time to snap photos. Closest encounter for me yet. Its good to feel alive!

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